SyBrowser 5.1 Update Improves MySQL Support

MacSOS has released an update for SyBrowser, bringing it to version 5.1. SyBrowser is a database utility suite designed for SQL queries and table overviews. The update features numerous enhancements including improved MySQL support and bug fixes. According to MacSOS:

SyBrowser is a suite of 32-bit Macintosh, MacOS X and Win32 ODBC and native client applications that provide an overview of the tables in Sybase, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MS SQL databases hosted on UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers.

It allows the execution of SQL queries against these RDBMS and the query results can be saved to disk. Complex queries can be saved to disk for reuse.

SyBrowser v5.1 features enhanced MySQL support and significant speed optimisations under Carbon.

Other New SyBrowser v5.1 features include:

  • Scrolling results with a large number of rows is now much faster under carbon
  • MySQL connections now work again for SQL and ERD panels
  • Fixed bug with case-sensitive lookups of Sybase indexes
  • Added contextual menu items to Table list
  • ERD tables now always created within the visible tab-panel dimensions
  • Tweaked relationships auto-sensing the position of the ERD objects after a move
  • Fixed bug where the last relationship added could not be removed
  • Worked around the REALbasic assert ATSUPara.cpp.519 (when selecting the text of a procedure)
  • Result windows now always displays the headers
  • Results windows are now titled by number
  • Results windows are now added to the Window Menu
  • Results windows menuitems now remove themselves correctly from the Window Menu when they are closed
  • Temporarily removed the Windows binary from the suite
  • Added a window splitter control on the "Proc" panel

You can find more information about the SyBrowser update at the MacSOS Web site. SyBrowser 5.1 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$45.00.