Symantec: Mac Word File Hid Malicious Windows Code

Microsoft recently released a patch for Windows that addressed a potential security threat relating to Word files created on a Mac, but that hasnit stopped hackers from trying to exploit the flaw. Security and antivirus company Symantec reported that it received a Word document that attempts to deliver a malicious payload to Windows users, and yes, it appears to have been created on a Mac.

The Word document Symantec analyzed caused all versions of Word for Windows, except for Word 2007, to crash. Word 2007 was exempt from the threat because by default it does not open Word files created on a Mac.

In this case, the payload attempted to install files that turn a Windows PC into a bot that could be used on the Internet to exploit other computers or deliver malicious payloads to other Windows PCs.

The threat isnit a direct problem for Mac OS X users since the embedded code Symantec found in the Word file requires Windows, but it does underscore the fact that a Mac running Microsoftis Office applications could potentially be used as a delivery platform for malicious Windows code. Symantec is still investigating the Windows attack and has not yet revealed how the malicious document was created.

This is not a Mac problem, but instead is an issue with Microsoftis applications and PC operating system. Despite that fact, expect to see Windows pundits to try to shift the blame for this to Apple.