Symantec Reveals NAV Flaw That Affects Mac OS X

Symantec on Monday said that its Norton Anti-Virus (NAV) software contains a flaw that could enable a remote user to take over a computer running Mac OS X. According to CNET reporter Munir Kotadia: "Symantec has not yet issued a patch to fix the issue but it has updated its scanning signatures to look for applications that try to exploit the vulnerability."

As Mr. Katadia pointed out, Mac OS X users have yet to face the kind of malware onslaught that plagues the Windows world, which means such companies as Symantec must rely on the specter of a future threat. In fact, Symantec warned last March that as Apple increases its market share, Mac users will face more serious threats, and an IT manager told Mr. Katadia that the operating system "still contains vulnerabilities that will be exploited."

In light of Symantecis revelation, however, the reporter remarked: "For now anyway, instead of spending my money on a copy of NAV for OS X, I will be buying a big round in the pub."