Synergy 1.5b Ready for Download

Wincent Colaiuta has released Synergy 1.5b, his iTunes control and album over art downloading utility. Synergy allows you to control iTunes from the menu bar of your Mac, and the new version adds new features to the software, and includes performance enhancements.

The main new feature of the software is a rewrite of the communications subsystem. Mr. Colaiuta says that the rewrite takes advantages of changes in the newest iTunes release, version 4.7. That rewrite improves performance, including the response of Synergyis floater window.

The full change logs from Mr. Colaiuta:

  • [Feature] Complete rewrite of communications subsystem: when Synergy is used with iTunes 4.7 it no longer has to periodically poll iTunes, resulting in vastly improved responsiveness and reduced resource usage.
  • [New] Multiple additions to the Online Button Set gallery. The gallery now contains 70 free sets, including 11 news sets by Aaron Martin, David Nicholson, Greg Granito, Herv? Pfeiffer, Mike R Manzano and Thomas Stitzer.

You can find more information on Synergy at Wincent Colaiutais Web site. The update is free to registered users, and the full version is priced at US$10.