System Shootouts Updated For New iBooks, Mac mini

Charles Gaba has informed The Mac Observer that heis updated his System Shootouts Web site to reflect Appleis revamped iBook and Mac mini computers. Last Tuesday, Apple increased the processor speeds and minimum RAM in its iBooks and also made 512MB RAM standard on the Mac mini, in addition to introducing a SuperDrive-equipped model.

The iBooks also gained the scrolling TrackPad and Sudden Motion Sensor technology that Apple introduced into the PowerBook line earlier this year, while the Mac mini now has built-in AirPort and Bluetooth wireless technology in the top two models.

Mr. Gaba pits Appleis desktop and laptop computers side-by-side with comparable Dell models, highlighting the areas where, in his opinion, each computer gains an advantage. In his latest update, he put the Mac mini next to Dellis Dimension 3000, while the 12- and 14-inch iBooks were compared with Dellis Inspiron 700m and 600m laptops, respectively. He also updated his 12-inch iBook vs. 12-inch PowerBook shootout, as well as his overall Apple desktop and laptop matrices.<?P>