T-Squared Updates FootTrack With Final Cut Support

T-Squared Software has released an update for FootTrack, bringing it to version 1.2. FootTrack is a utility designed for the cataloging and compression of video footage. The update features support for Final Cut Pro and expanded compression settings. According to T-Squared Software:


FootTrack is a new application built for Mac OS X that allows you to catalog and easily search your digital video tape footage. Once you catalog all your video tape footage with our application, any clip on any tape is just a search away. With itis easy to use interface youill wonder how you ever got along without FootTrack.

FootTrack works equally well if you have the space to keep all your DV footage on your hard drive, or you want to compress it and keep all your tape footage close at hand . A 60 minute tape of digital video takes up approximately 12.5GB of disk. When compressed in FootTrack it takes approximately 180MB including images for each clip.

Whatis new for version 1.2:

  • Final Cut Express/Pro support (finally :-) You can now import the footage into Final Cut and then into FootTrack. The clips will be broken up for you by detecting the DV start/stops
  • New preference for compression settings. There are now Low, Medium and High settings. The preference tab for compression settings explains the tradeoffs between each setting
  • You can now do your editing, naming, splitting in iMovie itself (as well as in FootTrack - whatever your preference). Previously you could only do this in FootTrack
  • You can now select more than a single tape/group at a time. This way you can search or view clips across many tapes at once
  • Changing the recorded dates for many clips has been added. If your camcorderis date was set incorrectly you can now fix all the dates by selecting the affected clips and changing one of the recorded dates
  • New preference to turn off the automatic checking for new versions of FootTrack
  • New preference "Always play compressed clips if available". That way you can check out what the compressed footage looks like without removing the original DV footage
  • By popular demand you can now delete clips from a tape. The clipis image and compressed footage is deleted when you quit the application (In case you decide to undo your deletion)
  • Fixed a bug where you couldnit enter a time (only the date) when entering the recorded date for analog footage
  • Fixed a bug where some clips might have been out of order because the recorded dateis time zone was incorrect

You can find more information about the FootTrack update at the product home page. FootTrack 1.02 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$29.95.