THQ to Issue Universal Binary For Cars: The Game Next Week

THQ earlier this week issued a demo for its racing adventure title Cars: The Game, which uses the new Pixar movie as the basis for over 30 races and mini-games, with 10 playable characters. The Mac Observer has confirmed, however, that the game will not run on an Intel Mac, although a THQ representative said that a Universal Binary patch will be available next week.

The full game is a Target exclusive, which has caused some confusion among Mac and PC gamers who have only seen the preschooler-oriented activity center title Cars: Radiator Springs Adventure for sale elsewhere. Even the MacGameFiles Web site links to Radiator Springs Adventure in the "Buy the full game now" link on the Cars: The Game demo page.

Cars: The Game is the same game also available for Xbox, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo GameCube. While Radiator Springs Adventure is limited in the control players have over the cars, the companion title lets gamers roam three large environments -- Radiator Springs, Ornament Valley, and Tailfin Pass -- while competing in a variety of road races as well as the five major stadium races that comprise the Piston Cup. A series of mini-games let players not only recreate major events from the movie but also experience new thrills.

The Mac Observer has confirmed that Radiator Springs Adventure will install and run on an Intel Mac.