TMO Announcement: New Monthly Subscription Option Offered

We are pleased to announce another option in our subscription system, a monthly subscription offer. The Mac Observer began offering an ad-free subscription service earlier this month that allows you to get our content without ads. Priced at US$24.95 per year, we introduced subscriptions with a Charter Rate of US$19.95 per year. Thanks to the folks at BackBeat Media and Paythrough, we can now also offer a monthly rate of US$2.95. That lets you try out the service and see how you like it without committing to a full year. Better yet, we also have a Charter Rate for a monthly subscription at US$1.99 per month. You can try and take a stick to it, but you just canit beat that rate.

Our ad-free subscriptions serve two purposes: you get to read our content without ads, and we know how much some of you hate Web advertising, but you also get to help support TMO. Doing what we do ainit cheap, if youill pardon the vernacular, and every single subscription helps. We like trading value for value at TMO, and we think that being able to view our content without ads is a good trade. As Sally Struthers might say if she were writing this announcement: become a charter member today and help save a Mac news story.

You can read more about our subscription service at our Subscribers Web page.

Bryan Chaffin
The Mac Observer