TMO Announcement: New Site Features & And Additions To Forums

We are pleased to announce some new features at The Mac Observer. First up is the addition of a new "Tips" section for the site. You will find all of our published tips linked there, as well as links to our regular tip columns. We have also added links to all of our published columns to our Columns & Editorials home page. Followers of Appleis finances will now find our Apple Stock Watch report automated so that all of our Stock Watch articles are automagically added. This means that the Stock Watch report will always be up to date for your research purposes. Our navigation menu at the top of each of our pages has been updated to reflect these changes, and we also added a link to our Mac Tech Support boards. If you have a question about your Mac, our awesome TMO Mac Specialists can help you out!

Speaking of the forums, we have added two new forums, Word News/Politics and The Chain Gang. World News/Politics was added because of the intense interest and discussion in our forums about political issues, and our members requested a central place from which to discuss world events. The Chain Gang is a place for what we will politely call Forum Insanity. Lastly, we reorganized the forums in a more logical fashion so that you can easily find the forums that interest you.

Your comments are solicited.

The Mac Observer