TMO Announces The Winners Of Our First Subscriber Drawing

We are happy to announce the winners of our first TMO Subscriber Drawing. Announced in March, the drawing offered prizes of very cool Mac and Apple paraphernalia from the land of the Rising Sun, in honor of MACWORLD Tokyo. Mac magazines, Apple brochures, Apple folders, a very cool metal Apple logoid bookrmark/paperclip, Japanese Office v.X posters, and more, all of it from Japan (read the original story for a full list of all the Mac goodies). The drawing was held with all of our TMO Subscribers as of March 28th, 2002 eligible and automatically entered. The four winners are:

  • Robert L. Chaput
  • Thomas Finkle
  • Catharina Castagna
  • Chris OiConnell

Congratulations to the winners! Each will receive one of the prize packages, and each has been notified by e-mail. It will take several weeks for the packages to arrive due to the vagaries of the US and International mail. We will be announcing another drawing soon.

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