TMO Bids Goodbye To Assistant Editor, Kyle D'Addario

I have been dreading writing this piece since the moment Kyle told me he was leaving school and applying to be a Mac Genius. Kyle DiAddario, assistant editor at The Mac Observer (TMO), is serving his last day today in that capacity. He will start training for his new post as a Mac Genius for one of the soon-to-be-opening Apple Stores. It is with mixed feelings that I personally bid him adieu as I am delighted at his new opportunity (Apple pays better than we do), while missing his incredibly hard work at TMO.

Kyle joined TMO, after having been an original staff member of Webintosh, early in 1999 and became one of our first news editors in the Fall of 1999. In the summer of 2000, Kyle became our first assistant editor, making him our third full time employee. He has worked tirelessly to bring product announcements, the Hot Forum Topic, the Latest Software Updates, Hot Cocoa, editorials, reviews, and other news articles ever since. Kyle also provided the live coverage of our last two MACWORLD keynotes, staying at home to man the TMO fort while the rest of the staff frolicked and played at the Expo. Most recently, Kyle actually put me up, and put up with me, for a few days as I visited his upstate New York summer estate.

Kyle has helped Dave Hamilton and I manage TMO, and has been instrumental in the way our coverage has evolved during the last couple of years. To be honest, we could not have grown like we have without his help. Fortunately, all of our hard work leaves a great infrastructure in place that allows us to continue the same great Mac coverage even as we work to fill his shoes.

Kyle will continue to write Hot Cocoa with Wincent Colaiuta, and he will continue to be a part of the TMO family. You will also be able to find Kyle at a Mac Genius Bar somewhere soon. We could tell you which one, but then weid have to kill you.

With that, we wish Kyle the best of luck at his new role!

The Mac Observer