TMO Image Gallery II

[Editoris Note: This marks the second of three image galleries from this weekendis Apple Store opening at The Mall of America. This series was taken by André Benassi , known in theTMO Forums as Retro.]

Observer André Benassi (or Retro as we call him the TMO Forums), an engineer from Minneapolis, attended this weekendis opening of the Apple Store in The Mall of America with Rodney O. Lain and Randy Hanson and offers the following images from the store opening. This series includes the first three people in line, some other people who came from as far away as Iowa, images of more TMO forum members, and a great picture of what we all really want to go to an Apple Store for after all.

These were the first people in line!

All the way from Iowa!

All the way from Shore View!

The welcoming committee when the store first opened

The digital camera display

TMO forum member, someToast


The Pro Create Display

Gimme a hug!

More "kids"

The register

Warning: Mac Genius At Work!

Train iem young :-)

Surfing on the Apple Storeis AirPort network

Appleis presentation screen

This is what we really came for, free Applet-shirts!