TMO To Cover The MWSF Keynote Live From The Expo

TMO will be providing our traditional live coverage of the MWSF 2003 keynote, directly from the keynote floor. Our live coverage of events is frankly the best coverage of a live event you will find on the Internet, including updates every few minutes, and observations of the crowd reaction, and our own opinions.

The live coverage page has been posted, and that URL will not change until after the keynote is over.

The keynote will begin at 9:00 AM PST (11:00 AM CST), on Tuesday, January 7th.

Those wanting to discuss the keynote can join our large forum community talking about the keynote and the Expo itself, or hop into our IRC channel for live chat. The IRC channel is being hosted on (the server), and the channel is #macobserver. See our IRC tutorial for exact instructions on getting into the channel.