TMO & iDevGames Added To's "Cool Mac Sites"

We are delighted to announce that The Mac Observer has been linked at Steve Wozniakis Web site, is Mr. Wozniakis personal Web site and it includes a page of "Cool Mac Sites." Our friends at iDevGames were also added to the list this weekend. From

TMOis description:

This Mac site is updated, judging from their front page, pretty much on the hour. If thereis something on the web being said about the Mac, youill probably find it on Mac Observer. It also has tips, editorials, columns, reviews and forums. Do a search on the site for Woz. I got 37 matches! Iid say this is a must bookmark.

iDevGameis description:

This site is for the serious Mac game developer. Itis not where you go to download games, but where you go for source code and up to date info on the industry. This is one of the most complete and well thought out sites that exists for Mac game development that Iive seen. If you produce Mac games, you should have this site bookmarked or even make it your home page.

Woz.orgis main purpose is to provide a place for Mr. Wozniak to talk about things that are important to him and offer visitors more information about him. There are essays on education, links to articles, history, pictures, and more. We encourage you to stop in at the site and check it out. You can find the sites that have been linked at at the Cool Mac Sites list, a list that list is maintained by the Webmasters of the site.