TRI-EDRE Improves DVD Support for Clone X

TRI-EDRE updated its clone software for Mac OS X, "Clone X", to verson 3.01, which adds stronger DVD supportand many other improvements.

The significant improvements include the following:

  • Correction of a problem while copying applications on DVD for Intel machines.
  • Diskis icon is now updated correctly.
  • More compatibility with old Tiger versions for DVD (10.4.0 to 10.4.4)
  • If the destination disk is missing (power failure etc.) Clone X will detect it.
  • The restoration of the disk -- to put it back into a previous state and contents.
  • The creation of OS X bootable DVD including applications.
  • The creation of disk with a minimal System (for a small or emergency disk, for test, etc.)
  • Disk Comparison

Clone X v3

Clone X features the copy of an entire disk to another disk, or to a subfolder. Copies are fully functional. Clone X provides restoration features as well, and bootable DVD creation.

Clone X 3.0.1 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later and is priced at ?69.00. A trial mode is available.