Taco HTML Edit 2.0 Beta Gets Code Completion, Tabs

Taco Software has released a public beta of its Taco HTML Editor, version 2.0.0b2. The new version adds code completion, code coloring, a tabbed user interface and more.

According to Taco Software, new features include:

  • Code Completion: While you are editing an HTML, CSS, or PHP document, Taco HTML Edit can now suggest completions for the text you are typing. This assists in helping you remember tag, attribute, and function names. Suggested completions include a brief description of the suggested item and a link to additional documentation.
  • Code Coloring: In addition to HTML and PHP, Taco HTML Edit now supports coloring for CSS and JavaScript documents. Coloring is completely configurable, and CSS coloring includes "formal" and "functional" schemes that are available.
  • Tabbed User Interface: Taco HTML Edit now supports a tabbed user interface for both projects and standalone documents. The traditional interfaces are still available through Preference options.
  • Enhanced Find and Batch Find: Taco HTML Editis Find Panels now support regular expressions. Regular Expressions may be simple, which allows the use of an asterisk (*) as a wildcard character; alternately, the full Ruby regular expression language is available by setting a Preference option. In addition, the Batch Find has been enhanced in several respects, including improved performance.
  • Open Quickly: Open Quickly allows you find files by name, without needing to know what folder the file is located in. You can choose to search only currently open files and projects, or to search your entire disk for a file. An asterisk (*) can be used as a wildcard; for example, you could search for *.php to find all files that end with the "php" file extension. Full disk searching requires Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later with Spotlight indexing enabled.
  • External Editor: Taco HTML Edit can now be used an an external editor for FTP clients. Please, contact the author of your favorite FTP client to make sure that Taco HTML Edit is available as an external editor.
  • Finder Integration: Taco HTML Edit now supports drag-and-drop with the Finder in projects.
  • Embedded Live Preview: Taco HTML Editis Live Preview is now embedded into the document window. A separate window is no longer required.
  • Automatic Updates: Taco HTML Edit can automatically check for updates, making sure that you have the latest features and fixes.

Taco HTML Edit, designed for Mac OS X, is a friendly, dedicated HTML, CSS and PHP editor. It is a Universal Application and requires OS X Jaguar or later. With the transition from version 1.7.6 which is free to version 2.0, Taco HTML Edit will become commercial software and will be priced at US$24.95. The beta version(s) will expire on July 15, 2008.