Taiwanese Newspaper Offers Details On "New iMac"

The only time we publish stories relating to upcoming Apple plans are when they come from mainstream news sources, as they then bear comment and analysis. Such is the case today with a Taiwanese newspaper offering details on what it calls Appleis "New iMac." Taiwanese newspapers often engage in such stories, more often than not stemming from sources inside the manufacturing plants that actually make Appleis products.

DigiTimes is such a newspaper, and it says that Apple is changing some of the components of the iMac line in order to cut costs. Reading between the lines, it would appear that "New iMac" actually refers to the iMac G4, and not yet another new version of the iMac. From DigiTimes:

The next-generation of the "New iMac" that Apple is going to launch in the first quarter of next year will have a magnesium-alloy case and a high proportion of plastic parts for cost reduction, according to sources in Taiwan?s IT industry.

Apple uses stainless steel and zinc alloy for manufacturing its current generation of New iMacs, the sources said.

The sources said Apple was forced to modify its strategy as sales of the New iMac desktops have been lackluster due to higher prices.

The newspaper also talks about a tablet-based Mac it says is dubbed the "New New iMac," which one might assume is not an Apple-designated name. According to DigiTimes, plans for this product were scrapped in September. You can find more information in the full article.