Taiwanese Paper Says Apple To Quit Making 17" iMacs In June 2003

DigiTimes, a Taiwanese paper, has published a report saying that 15" iMac production was halted in October, and 17" iMac production was scheduled to be halted in June, 2003. The article doesnit name the source for the story, nor does it give a reason for the supposed production halts, but it intimates that sales of the iMac have slowed.

Much of Appleis manufacturing takes place in Taiwan, and manufacturers in that country have often been the source of leaked stories in the past. Many of those stories have not turned out to be correct, and having a big bag of salt on hand may be necessary when reading this piece, as well. Form the short report:

The 17-inch flat-panel iMac will terminate production in June, following the same fate as the 15-inch flat-panel model, which stopped production last October, said local PC makers familiar with the matter.


Sales of the 15-inch flat-panel iMacs practically stalled in June 2002 after selling more than 300,000 units between February and May, resulting in an early production termination in October.

You can read the full article at the DigiTimes Web site.