Take Basic Into The Future With FutureBASIC^3

Staz Software has updated their simple and intuitive programming too. FutureBASIC^3, to version 4. FutureBASIC^3 allows users to easily create a wide array of powerful software applications, and the new version adds a host of new features. According to Staz Software:

Pix & Mix are pleased to announce Release 4 of FutureBASIC^3 [FB^3],the Macintosh development environment from Staz Software, Inc.

With each Release Staz Software surprises us with optimisations notonly in the Integrated development Environment (IDE) itself, butalso in the generated code. This latest version is no exception withspeed ups and improvements in the strings, the INDEX$ arrays andfloating point operations.

Release 4 also introduces two new tools to assist the programmer inanalysing code, to seek out and smooth out bottlenecks, and sotighten the final object code.

The Editor, incorporating the Debugger and the Project Manager, hasbeen overhauled and improved: the practical new features and thespeed will be appreciated by all.

FutureBASIC as a language continues its evolution; the EXITstatement has been extended to cover all loops; File statements havebeen revised; and ireal recordsi can more contain arrays.

New headers are being converted all the time and with this Releaseover a hundred new Toolbox calls are available.

This latest release overflows with examples and contributions fromthe worldwide FB^3 community of programmers. As usual, French usersare spoilt; practically all these examples have been translated.

FutureBASIC^3 is sold as an annual subscription, and new users can register the product for US$185.40. You can find more information at the Future Basic Web site.