Taking iSight Party Photos and Syncing to Apple TV

For those who would like to liven up a party a little, The Unofficial Apple Weblog has posted an Automator workflow to take pictures with an iSight camera, sync them to an Apple TV and create a slide show.

"I am going to show you how to create an Automator workflow that will take pictures at specified times and sync them over to your Apple TV, all without you ever lifting a finger," wrote Cory Bohon. "This Automator workflow is fantastic when you have people over for a party they can head over to your Mac, take a crazy picture of themselves and have it synced over to the Apple TV in the living room."

The short article has screen shots and step by step directions for how to set up a screen that asks the party guest for his/her name and then is added to the running slide show.

The only challenge might be keeping the guest from spilling a beer on the MacBook Pro keyboard.