Talk To XLR8 And Mac Slash On MacOS Radio

Tonightis MacOS Radio broadcast will feature Dave Reynolds from XLR8 and Ben Stanfield from Mac Slash. Both guests will talk about the current state of the Macintosh and what we can expect from Apple over the next couple of months. According to MacOS Radio:

Dave Reynolds from XLR8 will be on our show tonight. ?Dave will be talking about XLR8is new addition of Quick Time 4.1 Pro to its award winning USB video capture product InterView 2.0, as well as talk about their great CPU upgrades and different upgrade cards for your Mac

Along with Pete, Ben Stanfield from Mac Slash will be on to talk about the newest rebates on Apple hardware as well as talk about MacWorld and maybe some OSX

After a small multitude of false starts, delays and telecommunications issues, the MacOS Radio Network is *extremely* pleased to announce that the project to more than quadruple the existing bandwidth available to the Network has now been completed. ?Our listeners now have the power to listen to our show uninterrupted by bandwidth issues. ?We are hoping that this is exactly what was needed to make our listeners the happiest. ??

As for the final completion of the project, MacOS Radio Marketing Director, Josh Hendren said, "thereis a moment, after everything youive been through, when you run one more test and suddenly your transfer rate goes through the roof ... itis a beautiful thing."

The dramatic increase in available bandwidth should allow MacOS Radio to bring its available bandwidth more closely in line with customer demand. ?MacOS Radio plans to begin a marketing campaign to promote the increased bandwidth sometime later this week.

You can tune into the MacOS Radio Network every Monday at 7:00 PM EST.