Taylor Design Does Text Too

Taylor Design has updated their popular and powerful text "cleaning" utility, TextSpresso, to version 1.8. TextSpresso allows users to easily remove unwanted characters from a block of text, and well as converting text from one format to another. According to Taylor Design:

Taylor Design has announced the commercial release of TextSpresso 1.8, anupdate to the premier Mac OS text editor and cleaner.

Highlights of the new release include:

  • Over 180 built in text filters.
  • Significantly improved Mac <-> HTML character conversion.
  • Significantly improved Mac <-> standard ASCII conversion.
  • Numerous feature enhancements and bug fixes.

What is TextSpresso?
TextSpresso is an easy to use, professional level text editor and cleaner.TextSpresso includes over 180 filters and can handle a wide range of tasks,including:

  • Cleaning up E-mails, Web pages, MIME documents, and other Internet text.
  • Preparing text for the Internet to insure that it is readable regardlessof transport method or end destination.
  • Fast, multi-pattern data extraction, such as extracting URLis from text.
  • Converting cross platform text files between Mac and PC with highlyaccurate and complete special character preservation.
  • Preparing text documents for publishing in HTML on the World Wide Web.
  • Preparing documents for print publishing using common rules of graphicdesign.
  • Whatever you need. TextSpresso lets users create new filters using 9different core filter types including pattern matching, MultiFilter, andData Extraction.

TextSpresso is available for US$**. You can find more information at the Taylor Design web site.