Compares iPhoto To Windows Image Acquisition

Appleis iSwitchi campaign is in full bloom and many PC users may be wondering if switching is a good idea, particularly those whose hobby is taking pictures with a digital camera. offers a fairly in-depth comparison of Appleis iPhoto and Windows Image Acquisition in an article titled "Mac OS X vs. Windows XP: Itis No Photo Finish". This from the article:

Microsoft and Apple disagree about many things, but theyire unanimous about the importance of digital photography. Both have equipped their new operating systems, Windows XP and Mac OS X, with software to import, manage and share digital photos.

Which of these tool kits is the better bet for an aspiring photographer?

That depends first on your digital camera. If OS Xis iPhoto or XPis Windows Image Acquisition supports your hardware, you need only plug the camera into the computer, turn it on and let the software reel in your shots.

The article offers a look at several key points to consider if you are comparing the capabilities of the two apps and gives the authoris, Rob Pegoraro, view on which heis thinks has the edge. The article concludes this way:

The verdict: Use whateveris on your computer now, of course. But if youire shopping for a new machine, youill probably be much happier with iPhoto -- as long as youire willing to do things the Apple way.

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