TechTool Pro Updated

Micromatis powerful and popular disk maintenance utility, TechTool Pro, has been updated to version 2.5.5. TechTool Pro provides a host of computer maintenance and monitoring utilities, including a hard drive repair feature, and a host of tools that will check and monitor all aspects of oneis computer system. According to Micromat:

Whatis New in Version 2.5.5:

  • Improved detection and repair routines for Vol. Structures
  • Fixed Optimization date bug for HFS and HFS+ volumes
  • Fixed AutoPilot Suite crash on Mac OS 8.1 or earlier
  • Fixed "OTUtilityLib" issue on Mac OS 8.1 or earlier
  • Fixed SCSI scanner detection bug
  • Updated DNA file

TechTool Pro allows users to:

  • Recovers your lost data
  • Repairs drive problems (Zip, Firewire, USB)
  • Virus protection & repair
  • Reports software conflicts & compatibility issues
  • Optimizes hard drives
  • Backs up critical directory data
  • Trash Cache? recovers deleted files even after the trash has been emptied
  • Checks every critical system on your computer

You can find more information about TechTool Pro at the Micromat web site.

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