TechWorks Lowers Prices On RAM, Wireless LAN Stations

TechWorks has announced that they have lowered prices on their RAM modules as well as their AirStation wireless LAN products. The AirStation line of products is fully compatible with Appleis AirPort technology, and can perform routing for both wired and wireless connectivity at the same time. According to TechWorks:

TechWorks, leading manufacturer of Mac memory for ten years, dropped prices on their memory and AirStation series of wireless LAN products. 133MHz 512MB DIMMs are down to $187, while 256MB DIMMs are now only $87. The AirStation WLAR-L model (w/4-port switch), formerly $339, is now $269, and the Router AirStation went to $189!

The memory prices are for our PowerRAM memory, which unlike some manufacturers, actually are above Apple specs. We try to build our memory so it will work for the next generation of Macs. All of the AirStation access points configure through the browser.

You can find more information about all of their products at the TechWorks Web Site.