Terra Soft Releases Yellow Dog Linux 6 for Apple PPC and PS3

Terra Soft Solutions announced on Tuesday the release of Yellow Dog Linux 6.0 for Apple G4 and G5 systems, Sony PS3 and IBM "p" systems. The new version uses Linux kernel v2.6.23, gcc 4.1.1, and Eclipse v3.2.2, adds Gnash, IBM Cell SDK v3.0 and more.

YDL 6 also supports 802.11b Airport auto-configuration and AirPort Extreme with manual configuration. It also includes installers for Ekiga VoIP, Pidgin IM/IRC, and the Fluendo codec.

Yellow Dog Linux for Sony PS3 has been shipping for over a year and has over 250,000 customers using it on the PS3. The full functionality of the PS3 as a game machine is preserved in a dual-boot configuration.

Yellow Dog Linux is built on the Fedora core and is designed for PowerPC systems. YDL 6 Physical DVDs will ship from Terra Soft in about two weeks.