Terrorist Attacks On World Trade Center & Pentagon

This isnit Mac news, but it is certainly the most important news happening on the planet. There has been a major terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. Terrorists have flown two planes into each of the World Trade Center towers, with at least one of those planes being a commercial jet airliner. There are also confirmed reports of a jet being hijacked in Boston shortly before the second attack. It was Flight 11, headed to Los Angeles. There has been a no-fly zone established in New York City, and that zone is being patrolled by military aircraft.

ABC News has just reported that the DFLP, or the Democratic Front For The Liberation of Palestine, has issued a claim of responsibility.

Additional reports are coming in as we write that there is fire in the Pentagon, and cameras on ABC News are showing a huge plume of smoke behind the Old Executive Office Building in Washington DC. It is possible that the two events are one and the same. ABC News has just added that there are reports of a plane crash in the vicinity of the Pentagon.

Various government buildings are being evacuated throughout the East Coast.

We have been unable to pull up CNNis Web site, and if you want news on this, we suggest you pull up any news station. We have a forum topic on this tragic news where we have been adding details as they came in.