TextCleaner Beta Program Gives Users Chance At Free Copy

Studio 405 is in the final stages of development for the next generation of the text manipulation utility, Text Cleaner. Version 2 is currently in the beta stage, and Studio 405 is offering a free copy of the final version to any beta tester that finds a bug. According to Studio 405:

Studio 405, Inc. announced the "Find a Bug, Get a Free Copy" public beta program for Text Cleaner 2, which is in final stages of development.

Text Cleaner was designed to eliminate the need for common search-and-replace routines to prepare text for print or World-Wide Web publication. Correct typesetting marks and input error correction are handled in one pass. Text Cleaner can clean text directly within QuarkXpress and is compatible with any application that allows copy and paste.

New features in Text Cleaner 2 include:

  • Up to five simultaneous user text strings can be entered to create custom cleaning operations.
  • Cleaning operations have been accelerated up to 300%.
  • Unlimited user-defined presets can be set and are sorted alphabetically in a pop-up menu.
  • Presets can be imported and exported, allowing configuration sharing and easier standardization for multiple Macs.
  • The DropClean application can be set to use any preset by copying and renaming it in the Finder to match a preset name.
  • Routines for cleaning QuarkXpress have been re-written for accuracy and cleaning of QuarkXpress stories of any size.

You can find more information about the Text Cleaner beta program at the Studio 405 Web site.