Texture Archive Mold-Tech Ships For LightWorks

LightWork Design is now shipping Mold-Tech Materials for LightWorks users. Mold-Tech Materials is an archive of 3D surface textures designed for industrial manufacturing pre-concepting. The app works in conjunction with LightWorks for industrial design applications. According to LightWork Design:

LightWork Design, the worldis leading supplier of quality advanced computer graphics software for rendering, simulation and verification solutions, today announced the release of Mold-Tech and Roehlen materials for LightWorks.

Mold-Tech and Roehlen surface finishes are used to texturize the surface of the molds used in the manufacture of all types of molded products, including automobiles, consumer goods, architectural panelling and industrial parts. The accurate visualization of manufactured surface finishes, using the Mold-Tech material archives in LightWorks, gives designers a vital design tool for selecting and comparing any number of surface finish variations during the design stage.

You can find more information about the Mold-Tech materials release at the at the LightWork Design Web site. Pricing information is available by contacting the LightWork Design sales team.