The Army Recruits Mac Gamers With America's Army: Special Forces Release

The U.S. Army has announced the release of a Mac version of Americais Army: Special Forces. The game is designed as a first person shooter introduction to the world of Special Forces operations. The game features the Special Forces Assesment and Selection tests to see if the player has what it takes to make it in the elite fighting force. According to the U.S. Army:

On the heels of its highly successful launch of the PC version, the U.S. Army today released the Mac and Linux versions of the Americais Army: Special Forces action game. This latest release in the Americais Army game series focuses on the critical, specialized role of the Armyis Special Forces within the U.S. Army as they fight the Global War on Terrorism.

In Americais Army: Special Forces, players virtually explore the development and employment of Special Forces Soldiers. To be released in a series, the first portion is titled Americais Army: Special Forces (Special Forces Assessment and Selection) and available now with six new single-player and multiplayer missions.

The second installment, Americais Army: Special Forces (Qualification Course), will be released in Spring 2004. Americais Army: Special Forces builds upon the incredibly popular Americais Army: Operations game released in 2002 continuing player progression and expanding gameplay from the original game allowing players to explore the highly professional world of Special Forces Soldiers.

You can find more information about the Americais Army: Special Forces release at the product Web site. The game is available as freeware at your nearest recruiting station.