The Beer Server G3: Japanese Innovation Turns B&W G3 Into Beer Keg (With Pics)

First we had the iBong, and now the beer chuggers among us have shown their own m4D 5k!lLZ. With heads held high, we are pleased to present to you the Beer Server G3 from the MMUG in Japan. Unlike US shows, there is a small area set aside for Mac User Groups at MACWORLD Tokyo. There are some very fun folks gathered in this section, and some very interesting ones as well, at least from a Western point of view.

The MMUG set up a G3 Blue & White tower with keg guts--an Asahi Dry liter jug (the Japanese portable pony keg) and a Draftmeister set-up, which is easily purchased in novelty stores all over Japan. The PowerMacis actual guts have been removed. A small canister of CO2 later, this Blue & White is the ultimate geek party conversation starter.

Judging from the throngs of smiling people crowding around this booth, the Beer Server G3 was a hit.

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Thatis not real beer in that mug.
The Japanese are masters
of plastic food (itis a long story).
Another view
Turn to the left!