The Belt - Arcade Style Game Updated From Feline Entertainment

Feline Entertainment has released an update for The Belt, bringing it to version 1.02. The Belt is an arcade styled game with "zany" creatures and destructive turrets. The update features both major and minor fixes. According to Feline Entertainment:

Feline Entertainment releases version 1.02 of The Belt, its entry in the uDevGame 2002 Macintosh game programming contest.

The Belt is an arcade game that pits you against another opponent in a battle to the finish. Vaguely reminiscent of old-style games where opposing turrets fire against the wind to blow each other up, The Belt incorporates more strategy along with senseless destruction and zany creatures to provide for a unique and addictive arcade experience.

This version fixes several minor and major issues, as well as adds scoring and a high scores listing for single player games (full details can be found in the included Read Me).

You can find more information about The Belt update at the Feline Entertainment Web site. The Belt is available as freeware.