The Case for SSDs in New MacBook Pros

Apple hasnit made any announcements about the next generation MacBook Pros, but when they do, itis getting to be fairly realistic for Apple to make SSDs an option, especially since Dell is leading the way, according to Computerworld on Wednesday.

Some thought it would take several years for Sold State Drives (SSD) to be a practical option for a MacBook. When Apple announced the MacBook Air in January, a 64 GB SSD option was priced at US$995, suitable only for those with very deep pockets.

Then, on July 3, Apple dropped that price to a $599 option. However, things are moving fast. According to Seth Weintraub at CW, Dell just announced an option for the Latitude series: a high speed 128 GB SSD option for $450.

"That is a price point that MacBook (especially Pro) customers can really sink their teeth into," Mr. Weintraub wrote.

The author is betting that with twice the storage at half the price, in the span of just 9 months, Apple will take the plunge, follow Dellis lead and offer this decent sized SSD across the entire MBP product line.