The Clarion Call Of WebEdge Wars Is Sounding

WebEdge Wars has announced that entries into the 2002 competitions are now available. WebEdge Wars pits 5 teams of Web site developers against each other in a 25 hour Web design duel. A cash prize of US$10,000 awaits the team that creates the best Web site. According to WebEdge Wars:

WebEdge Wars 2002 today announced it is now accepting team entry submissions to compete in the first-ever WebEdge Wars competition for a prize purse of $10,000.

WebEdge Wars is a spectator event and real-time Web design and implementation competition produced by a group of computer industry veterans and experienced high tech event producers who intend to introduce the general public to the horrors and excitement of Web development.

WebEdge Wars will assemble a selection of the best Web development teams to design and implement an assignment using tools and equipment they choose to bring. To keep teams from preparing work before the competition, the assignment will be kept top secret until the beginning of the event. After learning their objectives, teams will have 25 hours to plan, design and execute a solution.

You can find more information about the 2002 competition at the WebEdge Wars Web site. The competition will be held in Austin, Tx. on December 6-7th.