The Cool, Creative, & Crazy At DotMac.Info

Weire not sure if this is really a waste of time because the stuff on this site is just so cool. Fortunately, that definitely qualifies it as a Cool Waste of Time.

If you have a .Mac account, you know that you can easily share your photos, movies, and other digital items on your .Mac Web page. The problem with the .Mac Web page is that if you wanted to take a look at pages posted by other folks you had no easy way to file through them or search for something in particular.

Thatis where DotMac.Info comes in. From August Trometer, Editor of DotMac.Info: is a place where .Mac members can "Share their cool .Mac stuff!" We feature Movies, Calendars, Photo Albums, and anything else on .Mac iDisks. Because of privacy concerns, Apple doesnit allow search engines to catalog the .Mac Web sites, so lets people expose their sites and passions to a much wider audience. We also feature Apple and .Mac news, and an active forum.

The news is cool but the real attraction is the information on .Mac users and the eclectic collection of photos and movies that can be found only in .Mac. We strongly suggest that you stop by and check it out. Lots of fun stuff.

Speaking of fun stuff we found through, you have got to check out Mikeis Garage.

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