The Mind of Jonathan Ive and Classic Designs

Growing up in the UK in the 1970s, Jonathan Ive must have been exposed to a lot of eclectic design influences, according to Gizmodo on Wednesday. Some speculation on things that influenced the design of the new iMac were showcased.

The influence of Telefunken and their classic designs in the 1970s was pointed out by Jesus Diaz: "You can clearly find their design mojo in the new iMac as well as in other modern design pieces, like Telefunkenis own flat TV panel or Loeweis Xelos, which many people could mistake as the new iMac from a distance."

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However, the designs merely capture the spirt of these forerunners without appearing retro or tacky. Mr. Diaz noted, "All the contrary, it looks futuristic and timeless at the same time, like a refreshed prop from Kubricksi 2001 with a Star Trek: The Next Generation shine."

Of course, artists are exposed to many influences. Like any other artist, Mr. Ive likely integrates these designs subconsciously to come up with his own Apple designs. He just does it better than anyone else. The result is, as usual, an instant classic in the iMac.