The Motley Fool Reports Brisk Sales Of iPod Mini

The Motley Foolis Tim Beyers offers a report on Appleis weekend iPod mini sales that echoes our own report on the subject. According to his observations at his local Apple Store, the iPod mini is selling well. Just how well, we donit know, but just as in our report, the company had run low of all models save the silver and pink models. From The Motley Fool:

This was supposed to be a big weekend for Appleis iPod Mini, its newest multicolored digital music player, which premiered in retail stores Friday night. With 100,000 Minis on back order, Appleis $249 player was set to bring in some $25 million between Friday and Sunday.

Did the Mini deliver? Apple hasnit published official sales totals for the weekend and, considering its tight-lipped history, probably wonit. So, I decided to poke around at my local Apple store and even commissioned a few polls here at to find out how big the Mini was. You may be surprised.

As of this morning, my local Apple store had sold out of all except silver Minis?over the?weekend. Store staff indicated roughly half of buyers were users of PCs powered by Microsoftis Windows operating system (official records arenit kept) and that a plurality bought more than one Mini.

Thereis more in the full article at The Motley Fool.