The Motley Fool Thinks Apple Should Sell iLife For Windows

From the iPod to iTunes and the iTunes Music Store, Appleis cross-platform efforts of late have been quite successful. According to an article at the Motley Fool, Apple has 70% of the legal music downloads market, and almost 13% of Appleis sales in the first quarter of 2004 came from the iPod, up more than 200% from the same period the previous year, and demand is still going up. So, the article ponders, why not release iLife for Windows? From the Motley Fool:

The market share lead gives Apple an opportunity to redeem itself for past mistakes with the Mac, and Jobs seems intent on taking advantage. But he hasnit said how. Hereis my suggestion: Embrace and extend Windows to fit the iPod and every other future Apple product designed for digital entertainment.

Indeed, Jobs may have signaled his intent to do just that during Macworld, when he introduced iLife i04. Calling it just like "Microsoft Office for the rest of your life," Jobs rolled out new versions of the suiteis tools for managing digital content -- from music to photos to movies to DVDs and, with new software called GarageBand, to musical production.

Putting iLife on Windows could seed ground for growing market share with all kinds of new digital gadgets, such as an iPod movie player, or a digital hub for wirelessly connecting Macs and PCs with stereos and TVs, or an online iMovie store for distributing films from every studio, including Jobsi own Pixar (Nasdaq: PIXR).

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