The New York Post Looks At BuyMusic & Its Ad Campaign

An article at the New York Post looks at BuyMusicis (BM) ad campaign, which features Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe fame. The newspaper literally says that BuyMusic is trying to set itself up as the "anti-Apple," and discusses such issues as what it suggests is BMis misleading 79¢ figure.

The article also looks at the contrast between Tommy Lee and the companyis CEO, Scott Blum, and his efforts to Jobsify himself at the serviceis kickoff. Also mentioned is the possibility of BMis ads actually backfiring and helping Apple. From the New York Post:

At BuyMusic.comis kickoff, Blum played the role of the classic straight edge, clean-cut CEO - a sharp contrast to Leeis shaggy hair, piercings galore and tattoos. Blum did, however, attempt to dress down Steve Jobs-style in a T-shirt, jeans and sneakers, but he couldnit bring himself to get rid of the blazer.


With a budget of about $40 million, BuyMusicis "Get Loaded" campaign -as it is called - boasts that its MP3 download prices start at 79 cents - 20 cents lower than Appleis iTunes.

But the ad fails to mention that just one of the top 100 downloads is 79 cents. And that song is Tommy Leeis "Hold Me Down" track. About 80 percent of BuyMusicis top-100 hits cost 99 cents, the same as iTunes, while some others actually cost $1.14.

Thereis more information in the full article at the New York Postis Web site.