The Purple Water Flows Uphill, And More Fridge Poetry Fun With Issa 1.1

Stick Software has updated Issa to version 1.1. Issa is software that emulates fridge poetry magnets right on your OS X desktop. The new version adds Spanish localization, and fixes various bugs. From Stick Software:

Issa 1.1, a new version of the virtual fridge poetry set by Stick Software, was released today. Issa gives you a bunch of word tiles and lets you assemble poetry using them. With the ability to configure everything from Issais vocabulary to the font, size and color of your poems, plus facilities for sharing your poems with other users and posting them to the web, youill never look at your fridge again... except as a source of food.

Version 1.1 of Issa fixes several bugs in the previous version, and adds Spanish localization.

Issa 1.1 is US$10 shareware, and is available now.