The Real "Three Screen" Opportunity

The wireless industry is enamored with the Three Screen Opportunity, advertising on the TV, computer and mobile phone. However, in terms of actually capitalizing on those three screens, Apple may be in the best position, according to

The Macintosh, the Apple TV, and the iPhone comprise the core of those three screens, and while the recent CTIA conference discussed the opportunity to bring video, then advertising to mobile phones, Apple may be in the best position to actually put the best three screens in consumeris hands.

Microsoft had their chance with Windows, Xbox 360, and Windows Mobile. "The interoperability between the three, however, is not as streamlined and therefore not as consumer friendly as the Apple solutions, which are cleanly tied together through iTunes," Bill Day wrote. "And according to news reports, Xbox Live has something like 6 million users versus more than 100 million iTunes users, giving Apple a very significant advantage in the number of eyeballs potentially leveragable across all three screens."

If Apple provides developers the right kind of opportunities to enter the iPhone market, Apple could further extend its unprecedented integration across all of these critical three screens.