The Simplified Guide to Buying a New HDTV System

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This holiday season, many people will be delving into HDTV for the first time -- perhaps on a tight budget. With Black Friday just around the corner, and some amazing deals likely to be offered, the newbie buyer needs a lot of help wading through the new HDTV technology. At the iPod Observer, John Martellaro has written a Simplified Guide to HDTV Buying for the newbie.

Topics covered include:

  • Rear projection TVs vs. thin, flat screens.
  • Plasma or LCD?
  • What to watch out for on discount HDTVs.
  • Considerations for the audio part of HDTV.
  • How to evaluate HDTVs in the show room.

As an experiment, each section of the Simplified Guide has a link to a second article with more details if the reader wants to know just a little more on each subject. Just click on the link "More details" in the Simplified Guide to find out more, then go back to the original article to continue reading.

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