The Sun (UK): iPod Is The "21st Century Version Of The Walkman"

The Sunis Dominic Mohan really loves his iPod. In a recent article in the UK paper, he gushes about the ease of use of the iPod. In fact, he even poses a question: "Has an iPod obsession ruined your relationship?" From the article:

I take mine everywhere too and if you ain?t got one this summer then you?re not part of the iPod brotherhood.

It is a growing cult united by the tiny personal stereo that is the must-have accessory of 2003. And it was designed by a Brit.

The small, white and silver box is a 21st Century version of the Walkman and the size of a mobile phone. But through MP3 technology it stores up more than 7,000 songs.

That?s the equivalent of around 600 albums in something no bigger than a cigarette packet. And they don?t skip, even if you?re running. You can get one for as little as ?250 ? and prices are coming down.

Surely, it can only be a matter of time before the iPod is named in a divorce case as thousands of Spods around the country spend hours hunched over their computers, downloading their record collections on to the machine.


It?s simple really. Just pop a CD into a home computer, either PC or Mac format, and save it on to the iPod. I can then plug it into my hi-fi at home or my car stereo and I could have seven thousand different tracks coming on randomly ? although my journey to work doesn?t quite take that long.

Last year my parents bought a Wurlitzer jukebox for several thousand pounds. It weighs more than Vanessa Feltz and four men were needed to deliver it. It looks good but only holds 100 CDs and its plug weighs more than my 160gram iPod. They are a little red-faced.

More of Mr. Mohanis praise can be found in the original Sun article.