The Tetris King (Or Queen)

So, you think you are the King Mac-Daddy when it comes to Tetris, right? Sit you in front of a screen with those falling shapes, and you always walk away with the highest score. Thereis no one better; people pay to watch you play. Only a machine or a clairvoyant touch typist can possibly beat your score, right?

Well, say hello to Robby, The Psychic Tetris Android, who is featured in this installment of A Cool Waste Of Time.

Tetris Smackdown!

If you are a mere mortal then youill will be absolutely amazed at how this game of Tetris is played, and in the Grand Master 2 Death Mode! In truth, we have no idea who the person is at the keyboard, the video is from the Japanese Tetris Finals, apparently held in 2001. Whomever, he or she plays a mean game of Tetris, but we bet we can kick his butt in PacMan!

The video is absolutely amazing, and we very much recommend that you check it out.

WARNING: This video is a 13MB file, so if you are connecting with a modem it may take a while to download.

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