"The Ultimate Photoshop 6.0 Guide" Released, For Free

Ben Willmore has announced a free Photoshop 6.0 guide on the Internet. Mr. Willmore was an alpha tester for the as yet unreleased Photoshop 6.0, and has a new book being published this fall. According to Mr. Willmore:

Master Photoshop trainer, Ben Willmore, has the inside skinny on everything you want to know about Adobeis radical new version of Photoshop. As an alpha tester for Adobe, Willmore ran 6.0 through its paces for over six months and is now offering, free to the public, The Ultimate Guide to Photoshop 6.0, an insideris look at every palette, menu and dialog box that Adobe has tweaked or refitted. Willmoreis first impression?—"From the smallest touches to the largest features, itis obvious that Adobe has really been listening to their customers."

Willmore is also offering a host of new training resources to Photoshop 6.0 Users. His award-winning, best-selling book, "Official Adobe Photoshop 6 Studio Techniques" (Adobe Press) will be available in bookstores this fall, and he has developed a series of seminars specifically for the new version. Starting in November users will be able to get "Up to Speed with 6.0" in two days flat with his new hands-on class in Denver, or they can wait until January when he starts his national tour of "Master Photoshop in 3 Days." Or, for those just starting out, in January, he is offering his "Photoshop Jumpstart" hands-on beginners class in Colorado.

Ben Willmore is the founder of Digital Mastery, a training and consulting firm based in the mountains West of Boulder, Colorado. He has personally trained over 10,000 Photoshop users and regularly speaks at national publishing conferences and events. He is a regular columnist for PEI magazine and Photoshop user magazine, as well as a contributor to publishing magazines worldwide.

You can find more information on the Guide at Mr. Willmoreis Web site.