The Virtual Alarm Clock Evolution Continues

Koingo Software has released a new version of Alarm Clock Pro, bringing it to version 6.0. Alarm Clock Pro is a virtual alarm clock designed with customizable ring tones and multiple date settings. The latest version ships with numerous performance enhancements and bug fixes. According to Koingo Software:

Hi Folks,

Again, we decided to stay huddled around all of our computers for a week and put out an AMAZING update for Alarm Clock Pro. Weire all VERY excited and proud of this one, and weire sure you will be too!!

If this is your first time hearing about Alarm Clock Pro, here is the basics: multimedia alarm clock & reminder utility which can play any QuickTime compatible format.


  • Volume Pop-up Menu Replaced with a Slider Control
  • Looping Alarm option added for each alarm
  • Audio fade-in option added for each alarm
  • Turn off Alarm after X seconds option added for each alarm
  • Can now set any day(s) of the week to ring (ie. Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday)
  • Added ability to play a Random iTunes song
  • Can now set the Volume for the Ring Beep
  • No Alarm Media option (for alarms which only show Alerts)
  • Can now drag alarms up and down in the list
  • Updated Presets URLs
  • Perpetual Edit Alarm window re-organized
  • Closing the Alert box no longer stops all ringing alarms
  • Command-Option-Spacebar no longer also stops your iTunes songs from playing
  • Command-Shift-Spacebar stops all your ringing alarms and your iTunes songs
  • More Information can now be viewed for alarms without expanding the list

You can find more information about the latest Alarm Clock Pro release at the Koingo Software Web site. Alarm Clock Pro 6.0 free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$11.97.