The Window to the Web's Past

The World Wide Web is an amazing and dynamic mixture of sites covering nearly every imaginable topic. The dynamic nature of the Web also means that a site you viewed a year or two ago may very well look different today. If what you really need to see is the yester-year version of a Web page, Internet Archiveis Wayback Machine can get you there.

Enter a URL into the Wayback Machine...

Entering a URL into the Wayback Machineis Take Me Back field gets you a list of every archived version of the Web site. Just click the date of the version you want to see, and away you go.

... and jump back in time.

In this example, I entered into the Wayback Machine, and was able to see what TMO looked like back in January 1999.

Looking beyond the nostalgic value of the Wayback Machine, itis also useful for research and finding Web sites that no longer exist (dot com boom, anyone?).

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