Theatre of the L33T

d00d omg!!!!!111 thatis liek so l33t. Or something. If youire in the know as far as this bizarre new language is concerned,* youill appreciate this little offering from Chris Coutts, whois in the business of educating todayis Net-raised youngsters in fine English literature. All you need to enjoy the even more modern version of Shakespeareis Romeo and Juliet is your web browser, a few minutes of your attention-deficit-disordered time, and a healthy sense of LOL.

the happy couplethe happy couple

The happy couple. They r0x0r!!!

You can catch all that action at Albino Black Sheep, or take a look around Chris Couttsi own site.

* Note: If youire not in with the speak, UR L4ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111``` Go immerse yourself in the fun and frivolity that is l33t-speak right now before someone calls you a n00b.