Thieves Steal Mac & iPod, Leave Dell in Plain Sight

What happens when you thieves have taste? Theyill ferret out the iPod and a Mac in a house theyire burgling, and leave behind the Dell sitting out in plain sight. Thatis what happened to a resident of the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn, who sent his story to Gawker.

"True story," wrote the anonymous submitter. "My apartment in iprime Williamsburgi was broken into. The thieves searched out my iPod and PowerBook, but they didnit touch my roommateis Dell that was sitting out in plain sight on our kitchen table."

Just for Brooklyn flavor, he added, "PS: A kitchen table - suck it Manhattan."

Gadget Lap blogger Charlie Sorrel noted that the thieves may have simply had the knowledge that Appleis kit will sell well, while dell -- or most PCs -- usually fetch a small fraction of their original purchase price, but it still makes for a poignant statement on Dellis worth when compared to Apple.