ThinkFree Office Has Unusual Percentage of Mac Users

ThinkFree Office has a higher percentage of Mac users than one might think, according to an interview with ThinkFree CEO Kang Tae-jin published Monday by

Mr. Kang said that Apple users tend to be more independent and account for a disproportionate share, about 10 percent, of his customers

ThinkFree Office, written in Java, is an productivity suite that is compatible with MS Office.

The ThinkFree CEO also expressed optimism that Microsoftis changes in Win Office 2007 could present some opportunities for his company. Referring to the new interface in Office 2007, Kang Tae-jin said, "We think a lot of Microsoft users will find the new Office 2007 interface very difficult.... A lot of users will get turned off by this. So weill stick to the old look."

Interest has picked up in Think Free software since stories circulated about Googleis interest in acquiring ThinkFree. Additional interest may generated in the Apple community by Microsoftis announcement that the release of Mac Office 2007 will lag six to eight months behind Win Office 2007.